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Natural gas conversion: reforming and coupling

   In extensively petroleum-based community, effective natural gas and petroleum conversion are achieved by advanced heterogeneous catalysts. Methane conversion is and will be the essential technology to produce chemicals and fuels in upcoming years at the transition of fossil fuel era to renewables. It is indeed important to develop more efficient natural gas conversion technologies and processes in more pronounced exergy cycles.

   Our target is to address issues of catalysts for reforming reactions and hydrogen energy carrier associated with hydrogen economy. Chemistries for hydrogenation-dehydrogenation, as well as oxidation reactions are elucidated.

   Oxidative coupling of methane to ethylene becomes the recent research refocus, owing to mild exothermicity that makes the overall chemical process beneficial. Our group works on detailed kinetic studies that unveil previously unrecognized reaction mechanisms. Design of the surfaces based on the understanding mechanisms are employed to achieve unprecedented product yield.


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