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Catalysis for Energy Conversion



​Our research focuses on development of efficient catalysts for new energy conversion systems for sustainable development.

​We tackle the issues of hydrogen generation and utilization, carbon management and future energy supply.

Study on heterogeneous catalysis at atomic/molecular level
- Catalysis for Energy Conversion for sustainable society -

   Disruptive innovation of catalysts and catalytic systems are desired to find solutions to the problems of future energy supply.

   Our research topics address the important dynamic transition of energy systems using conventional fossil fuel to new renewable energy. ​ We not only develop novel catalysts but also understand kinetics and reaction mechanisms at molecular level.  The materials of interest include various metal nanoparticles, oxides, nitrides, carbides, sulfides, molten salts and beyond.

​   The research topics try to bridge the gap among the fields of thermal-, electro-, and photo-catalysis, which are addressed through world-wide collaborations to achieve practical industrialization.

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